Another big batch today with a little but of class tuning and fixes, Raid and Mythic+ changes, PvP, item, profession, quest fixes and plenty more!

December 15 (Source)




Orbital Strike’s targeting reticle will now match the radius of the damage spell.

Orbital Strike will now damage targets that are on top of or behind the Druid.

Umbral Embrace will now appear on the Personal Resource Display.



Fixed an issue with Ruthless Marauder incorrectly affecting the damage of Fury of the Eagle.

Fury of the Eagle damage increased by 115%, which should keep the damage of Fury of the Eagle roughly the same as it was when talented into 3/3 Ruthless Marauder.



Fixed an issue that prevented Divine Purpose from being gained from Radiant Decree casts.


Fixed an issue causing Inner Light from Inner Light and Shadow to not reduce the mana cost of several spells.



Fixed an issue that prevented Exsanguinate cooldown from resetting after encounters.

Dungeons and Raids

Algeth’ar Academy

Echo of Doragosa

Adjusted the number of Overwhelming Power applications required to create an Arcane Rift to 3 (was 4).

Developers’ note: This ability is taking longer than expected to come into play during the encounter, making the encounter less engaging than desired.

Halls of Infusion

Proto-Dragons now have more consistent movement when positioning themselves around a player.

Vault of the Incarnates

Fixed an issue where items with a profession skill requirement could be rolled on by anyone when using Group Loot.


Fixed an issue causing Primal Flames to sometimes turn in unexpected ways during Stage Two.


Fixed an issue that could prevent Druid’s Convoke the Spirits from striking Terros at the appropriate range.

Dathea, Ascended

Fixed an issue causing Shaman Windfury Totem and Earthen Wall Totem to not apply correctly during the encounter.

Fixed an issue causing Warlock’s Demonic Gateway to incorrectly change its location during the encounter.

Broodkeeper Diurna

Added a personal notification when a player is targeted by Empowered Greatstaff’s Wrath.

Fixed an issue where Primalist Reinforcements’ spawn location indicator may be overlapped with another.

Items and Rewards

Fixed an issue where Rumbling Ruby would not trigger from certain melee attacks.

Fixed an issue where Desperate Invoker’s Codex did not have its current cooldown reduced when gaining stacks of Hatred. Now, if Desperate Invoker’s Codex is on cooldown, gaining a stack of Hatred will reduce it by one second.


Fixed an issue with the Thundering affix that caused Primal Overload to trigger after a keystone dungeon has been completed.

Fixed an issue where some players were unable to loot a Mythic+ Keystone.

Fixed an issue where players’ saved Mythic Keystone level was not properly upgraded when running a Mythic+ dungeon that originated in a previous expansion.

The Nokhud Offensive

Balakar Khan

Players pulled by Static Spear are no longer affected by Quaking.

Shadowmoon Burial Grounds

Fixed an issue where a Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Mythic+ group could default to Challenge difficulty when listed in the Group Finder.

Shadowmoon Dominator’s Domination can now be interrupted by stun and knockback effects.

Player versus Player




Fixed an issue that caused poisons to be removed when entering Arenas if talented into Dragon-Tempered Blades.


The following spells are no longer usable while silenced: Call Fel Lord, Demonic Strength, Guillotine, Inquisitor’s Gaze, Shadowflame, Soulburn, Soul Strike, Soul Swap, and Soul Tap.

Summon Soulkeeper is no longer castable while moving and can now be interrupted.

Fel Domination and Soul Strike are now classified as Shadow magic.

Dimensional Rift and Summon Soulkeeper are now classified as Chaos magic.

Burning Rush and Summon Infernal are now classified as Fire magic.

Guillotine and Inquisitor’s Gaze are now classified as Shadowflame magic.


Victorious Contender’s Strongboxes are now awarded after every 4 wins in a given bracket.

Victorious Contender’s Strongboxes now correctly drop a scaling amount of Primal Chaos based on PvP rating from the match the box was earned from.

Fixed an issue that prevented Primal Focus and Concentrated Primal Focus reagents from having a chance to drop for players at Rival II or higher if the match it was earned from was at an appropriate rating.

Significantly increased the drop rate of Infurious recipes.

Solo Shuffle

Made some adjustments to Rated Solo Shuffle matchmaking to have more evenly matched games. We will continue to monitor these matches and look for ways to make further improvements as necessary.

Primal Storms

Elite enemies that are spawned during Primal Storms will no longer despawn if their corresponding storm ends and they are in combat.

The map marker for the Elemental Storm in the Cobalt Assembly has been moved to be more visible.



Fixed an issue that caused Primal Deconstruction Charge to cost 1 Awakened Fire instead of 1 Rousing Fire.

Fixed an issue that prevented Grease Grenade from being craftable.

Fixed an issue that prevented EZ-Thro bombs from being discoverable when specialized into EZ-Thro.

Increased the chance of discovering new epic bracer recipes when crafting rare goggles and the P.E.W. x2 for specialized Engineers.

Significantly increased the chance of discovering Safety Components when a Tinker malfunctions for specialized Engineers.

Slightly lowered the chance to experience a catastrophic malfunction when using Tinkers.



Alexstrasza will now always be available in Valdrakken for players to turn in “Moving On.”

“To Valdrakken” will now point you to Alexstrasza’s location if she has left Valdrakken.

Added paragon reputation tracking to “Aiding the Accord” quests early. We didn’t anticipate the commitment some players have to digging holes for reputation.