Blizzard will be changing the way Burning Wounds works in a future DF Beta build and have detailed the adjustments.

Demon Hunter (Source)

Still concerned about Burning Wounds (BW) and how you have to apply it.

This is a concern we’ve heard echoed from many sources and have been thinking about as well. When it is one legendary choice among many and contained to a limited window of time as with the Shadowlands version, the divergent rotational gameplay required by it can be novel and appropriate. But we are less comfortable carrying that gameplay forward as a more permanent talent choice, and will be testing a slightly modified talent version of Burning Wound that intends to streamline gameplay and solidify an identity as an effect that is at its best in low target count scenarios.

So, the following adjustments are currently planned (and as always, are subject to change):

Burning Wound DoT applied by Throw Glaive (was Demon’s Bite)

Burning Wound DoT damage reduced by 25%

Immolation Aura bonus damage on Wounded targets reduced to 45% (was 65%)

May be applied to a maximum of 3 targets

This updated talent version will be available for testing in a future update, and we’re hoping you’ll try it out and let us know what you think. Cheers.