Here’s the definition of an up-and-down story, as players have been reporting receiving the Dragonflight Collector’s Edition over the past week, but then many more posted about the status of the box, and even some of its contents, being a little sub-par. From regular old damage to misprints, there’s plenty to see here, including some actually very happy owners, with some completing their full CE collections once again. But it’s not all bad news as the Blizzard Gear Store is also replacing some damaged copies!

Now, shipping issues can always occur, but it does seem there’s a disproportionately large number of reports of damaged copies this time compared to previous expansions. The damage itself also isn’t that severe for most of them, but you can really feel the enthusiasm of receiving that box die just a little when seeing the damage. Many players are also complaining about improper shipping procedure, with not enough protection being put i the package, causing the damage.

The issues aren’t exclusive to just shipping issues, as this player received even more of the art book!

This next one definitely takes the cake, as the actual box is fine in terms of damage, but the art on it is… not:

Off Center to the Left  

Bottom Filigree Touches Spine

However, the Blizzard Gear Store is accepting requests for replacements:

Meanwhile players that did not have issues with their packages are marveling at the box itself (which is a damn pretty one that’s for sure):

And then some even did have shipping issues, but managed to get their hands on it anyway and are enjoying it:

And finally, the REALLY lucky ones, with all the collector’s editions:

All of these issues may just be standard when it comes to shipping at this scale, we can’t really know for sure, but hopefully those affected can get at least something for their trouble.