Blizzard have changes aspects of the Crafting Order system, with customers now providing all basic reagents, item level display improvements, and more.

Crafting Orders (Source)


We’ve been closely following all of your feedback here as we’ve also been playtesting and iterating on this system. As a result, we have developed some changes to Crafting Orders.

For public crafting orders, the customer will now have to provide all basic reagents.

Optional reagents that previously could be provided by either party (such as missives) are unchanged.

This change does not affect guild or private orders.

This is to help streamline the process of deciding on a commission for the customer, and figuring out if an order is worth filling for the crafter.

When a customer places an order, there will be a track recipe checkbox in the bottom right of the reagents that tracks the recipe for them to easily see what reagents they need in order to assist in gathering reagents to place the order.

This will not show for recrafting orders.

If there are any public orders posted for the recipe you are placing an order for, the commission field should auto-fill to match the highest commissioned existing order, +1 silver.

Recrafting Orders are now limited to personal and guild orders only. We hope to re-add Public Recrafting Orders in a later patch. This is primarily to protect customers from having their crafts inadvertently lowered in quality.

Items with different iLvl for each quality now display a + next to their iLvl in the customer’s list of recipes they can place orders for. Mousing over the iLvl will display a tooltip with the iLvl at each quality as well as a disclaimer about optional reagents.

When the customer is viewing an order (including placing an order and looking at existing/completed orders) there will be a button in the top right near the recipe name to favorite that recipe.

This will not show for recrafting orders.

We currently have a known issue:

If reagents are supplied for Crafting Orders and the reagents are in two separate item stacks in the player’s inventory, the Crafting Order can sometimes fail to be fulfilled.

The changes above have now been implemented in the Dragonflight Beta, and are ready for further testing.

Thank you very much for testing and providing feedback.