As with any major event in WoW’s lifecycle, the launch of the Alpha has received many responses from the community, with plenty of creative entries! So today we’re taking a look at some of the best ones, with plenty of very funny creations.

Let’s stat off with a very real concern about seeing the new Dragonriding system, or even getting to play it on the Alpha, and then having to return to current live:

With many new models being datamined, someone has found a new major villain:

Speaking of models, the recent Hogger controversy got a meme of its own:

Even the UI got a mention!

The struggle of the Dracthyr bulk continued in meme form as well (despite recently being very clearly resolved?

The watcher from the intro cinematic still seems to be a fan-favorite:

With the recent upgrades to gnoll and other models, some players feel that there’s some “Disneyfication” going on, and so geansv00 took it a step further and “upgraded” Tauren as well (no it’s not actually from the game):

And finally, some players reeeally want other to think they got in the Alpha: