Blizzard answered some questions about Paladin’s Divine Steed and Avenger’s Shield no longer generating Holy Power on the Dragonflight Alpha.


The current iteration of Divine Steed feels underwhelming. Even with both modifiers, you get 5 seconds of movement on a 1 minute recharge.

Blizzard clarified there will be a Rank 2 spell upgrade which reduces Divine Steed‘s cooldown by 15 seconds.

The silence effect will be added to a new Rank 2 Avenger’s Shield spell upgrade in a future build.

Avenger’s Shield is intentionally no longer generating Holy Power.


Divine Steed being on a 1 minute CD feels quite bad. Even if you take both modifier talents in Cavalier and Seasoned Warhorse, 5 seconds of movement on a 1 minute recharge just seems weird.

Also noticed that Avenger’s Shield isn’t interrupting or silencing targets either.

Hi, thanks for your feedback! A few Rank 2 spell upgrades were overlooked in the conversion – as noted, Divine Steed’s 15 sec cooldown reduction, and Avenger’s Shield’s silence. These will be included in the baseline version of the spell in future builds, along with fixes for some of the bugs you all have identified in this thread.

Is it the intended behavior that Avenger’s Shield and Divine Toll aren’t generating Holy Power?

Avenger’s Shield is intentionally no longer generating Holy Power. This is part of an effort to constrain Shield of the Righteous uptime, and transfer some of protection paladins’ defensive power out of Shield of the Righteous and into other cooldowns and forms of mitigation. We want Shield of the Righteous to feel like it makes you strong, rather than an essential component of your baseline passive survivability.

As for Divine Toll, part of what has made that ability fun and impactful is its flood of resources. We’re exploring ideas for how to reincorporate this in a future version of this ability.

In general, thank you all and please keep the feedback coming! Your thoughts and opinions are helpful and valued as we continue to iterate on these trees.