Here come this week’s 10.0.7 PTR dev notes, as we get a lot more class changes, with Retribution Paladins still being the primary focus, but plenty of other class changes are featured as well, in addition to some profession and UI improvements.

PTR Notes (Source)

The 10.0.7 PTR has been updated with the following changes:




Thorns of Iron has been redesigned – When you cast Ironfur, also deal Physical damage equal to 30% of your armor, split among enemies within 12 yards. Damage reduced above 4 applications.

Developers’ note: Implementation of these new effects will be added in a future PTR build, functionality for this week’s PTR might be a little buggy while we work on these new effects.



Temporal Anomaly absorption value reduced by 20%.

Resonating Sphere now applies Echo to the first 4 allies hit (was 6 allies).

Temporal Compression can now be gained from casting Tip the Scales.

Empowered spells cast with Tip the Scales no longer consume stacks of Temporal Compression.


Developers’ note: Neltharax, Enemy of the Sky is going to be changed in this week’s PTR build. The bow has a bonus effect on it that was intended to be a boost to the Hunter’s auto-shot damage when shooting a single target, and we still want to keep it that way. The special effect from the bow was not intended to also increase the melee auto-attack speed of any summoned pets. The power gain from this special Equip effect, in addition to its rarity, has made a pretty big divide between Hunters who have this bow, and Hunters who don’t. We’re changing the bow to have an equip effect that increases your auto-attack damage, rather than auto-attack speed. This auto-attack damage bonus will only affect you, the Hunter, and your own auto-shot damage – nothing from your pets will be increased from having this special bow. We recognize that the power gain of this bow was very large, and are tuning up some Hunter abilities to compensate for the changes made to the bow. Below are the tuning changes currently planned:

Serpent Sting damage increased by 25%.

Death Chakram damage increased by 100%.

Beast Mastery

Kill Command damage increased by 25%.

Barbed Shot damage increased by 25%.

Stomp damage increased by 25%.

Cobra Shot damage increased by 50%.


Arcane Shot damage increased by 25%. Does not apply to PvP combat.

Chimaera Shot damage increased by 25%. Does not apply to PvP combat.

Multi-Shot damage increased by 15%.


Retribution Aura has been redesigned – When any party or raid member within 40 yards takes more than 30% of their health in damage in a single hit, each member gains 5% increased damage and healing, decaying over 30 seconds. This cannot occur within 30 seconds of the aura being applied.

Developers’ note: Implementation of these new effects will be added in a future PTR build, functionality for this week’s PTR might be a little buggy while we work on these new effects.

Wake of Ashes, Execution Sentence and Final Reckoning now contribute to Blessing of Dawn if they are providing Holy Power.

Various abilities are no longer providing extra triggers for Blessing of Dawn.

Various abilities no longer incorrectly benefit from the damage bonus provided by Blessing of Dawn.

Unbreakable Spirit’s tooltip now correctly calls out both Divine Protection and Shield of Vengeance.

Fixed an issue causing Sanctified Plates to grant zero extra health.

Punishment now triggers Crusader Strike correctly.

Lightforged Blessing’s healing effect now appears in the combat log as Lightforged Blessing rather than Healing Burst.

Lightforged Blessing now heals for 3% of maximum health (was 5%).

Divine Purpose no longer interacts with Execution Sentence.

Crusader Aura no longer grants extended ranges.


Fixed an issue with Final Stand causing a delay between Divine Shield activating and the taunt effect being applied.

Fixed an issue with Incandescence causing it to incorrectly damage Explosive orbs.


Fixed an issue causing Virtuous Silver Cataphract’s 4-set bonus to grant Templar’s Verdict/Final Verdict 20% increased damage rather than 10%.

Virtuous Silver Cataphract (Set Bonus) now works with Justicar’s Vengeance.

Mastery: Hand of Light now provides less Holy damage bonus per point in Mastery.

Developers’ note: We’re currently experimenting with this as Retribution Paladin’s damage is made up of both Physical and Holy damage, this leaves their Physical damage in a fairly bad place which we’d like to amend.

New Talent: Rush of Light – The critical strikes of your damaging single target Holy Power abilities grant 5% Haste for 10 seconds.

New Talent: Divine Wrath – Avenging Wrath / Crusade duration increased by 3 seconds.

New Talent: Judge, Jury and Executioner – Increases the critical strike chance of Judgment by 10%.

Final Reckoning damage reduced by 13%.

Wake of Ashes damage reduced by 16%.

Execution Sentence now deals 25% of the damage dealt during Execution Sentence (was 20%).

Aegis of Protection’s Shield of Vengeance absorb is now increased by 20% (was 30%).

The old functionality of Executioner’s Will has been removed and now simply increases the duration of Execution Sentence and Final Reckoning by 4 seconds.

Adjudication now increases Critical Strike damage by 5% instead of increasing Critical Strike chance and Hammer of Wrath critical strikes cause a blessed Hammer to spiral around you dealing Holystrike damage to enemies.

Commanding Judgment now deals normal damage to the primary target.

Of Dusk and Dawn’s Wake of Ashes now correctly contributes to Blessing of Dawn.

Highlord’s Judgment extends the duration of Judgment by 3 seconds (was 2 seconds).

Physical Presence renamed to Divine Arbiter.

Divine Arbiter increases the damage of Holystrike abilities by 10% (was 20%) and your abilities that deal Holystrike damage grant you a stack of Divine Arbiter. At 50 stacks you lash out dealing Holystrike damage to your primary target and reduced Holystrike damage to enemies within 8 yards.

Vanguard of Justice bonus damage per rank increased to 33% (was 20%).

Vanguard of Justice now also applies to Divine Storm.

Blades of Light now also causes Templar’s Verdict, Final Verdict, and Justicar’s Vengeance to deal Holystrike damage.

Crusader Strike, Judgment, Hammer of Wrath, Templar’s Verdict, Final Verdict, and Justicar’s Vengeance’s tooltips are correctly modified by Blades of Light to detail they deal Holystrike damage.

Blessed Hammer removed from the talent tree.

Developers’ note: We feel there’s something cool about the spinning hammer fantasy, but we’re happy with other ways of providing this rather than directly replacing Crusader Strike.

Divine Storm, Divine Hammer, and Consecration’s tooltips are correctly modified by Burning Crusade to detail that they deal Radiant damage.

Burning Crusade now also increases the damage of Divine Storm, Consecration, and Divine Hammer by 10%

Fixed some functionality with Avenging Wrath: Might. The tooltip stats it increases your critical chance, but it was only increasing the critical chance of certain abilities. It should now be working correctly.

Empyrean Legacy now works correctly with Justicar’s Vengeance.

Consecrated Ground now has custom values for Consecration and Divine Hammer, and Divine Hammer now slows correctly.

Divine Hammer radius reduced to 6 yards (was 8 yards).

Divine Hammer now deals reduced damage beyond 8 targets.

Swift Retribution renamed to Divine Retribution.

Divine Retribution Haste increased by 2% and Divine Storm and Blade of Justice deal 5% increased critical strike damage.

Consecrated Blade now casts Consecration 100% of the time but can only occur once every 10 seconds.

Art of War chance to trigger reduced to 15% (was 20%).

Searing Light is still a work in progress, but the idea is that under certain conditions you can create a large explosion of Radiant damage.


Neltharax, Enemy of the Sky’s equip effect has been redesigned: Auto-attacking an enemy grants you 10% auto-attack damage, stacking 5 times. This bonus resets upon auto-attacking a different target.




Unbound Freedom (PvP Talent) has been removed.


Unbound Freedom (PvP Talent) has been removed.



Due to the layout changes, Optional Reagent labels (e.g. “Add Embellishment”) have been moved into a tooltip and Optional Reagents provided by the customer no longer have a checkmark next to them.



Whispers that may contain harassing chat sent from a player you are not friends with will now be hidden. The recipient will receive a message warning them that they’ve received a whisper that may have disruptive content and will be prompted if they’d like to see it anyway. If the whisper is revealed, there will be a Report Player option directly in the message so the offending player can be reported easily.

This feature has been moved to a future update.