Don’t forget to buy all Dracthyr Evoker racial mounts before leaving the Forbidden Reach. Otherwise, you’ll have to create another Evoker or wait until November 29 to buy them again.

Evokers can only buy racial mounts in the Forbidden Reach, their starting zone. Currently, there is no way to enter the Forbidden Reach when you finish the intro questline, leaving you with two options. You can either create a new Evoker and buy the remaining mounts or wait until November 29 when Dragonflight releases and purchase them in Valdrakken.

Currently, the Dracthyr have access to 7 racial mounts (4 rare and 3 epic). The rare mounts cost 40 gold each, and the epic cost 80. You will receive your first rare mount for free. By the time you unlock them you should have plenty of gold to buy them all.

Bronze Vorquin (Rare mount) costs 40 ;

Crimson Vorquin (Rare mount) costs 40 ;

Obsidian Vorquin (Rare mount) costs 40 ;

Sapphire Vorquin (Rare mount) costs 40 ;

Armored Vorquin Leystrider (Epic mount) costs 80 ;

Majestic Armored Vorquin (Epic mount) costs 80 ;

Swift Armored Vorquin (Epic mount) costs 80 .

There’s also an 8th mount marked with an “?” on the vendor that says “retrieving item information”, I’m not sure if you can buy that, I haven’t played through the intro on live servers yet.

Bronze Vorquin

Crimson Vorquin

Obsidian Vorquin

Sapphire Vorquin

Epic mounts are sold by Treysh for 80 gold each. One mount is currently missing from the vendor, it’s [PH] Black Vorquin. The epic vorquin mounts have the following flavor text: “Trained using ancient dracthyr methods, these armored vorquin are the pinnacle of tactical mounted ground warfare”.

Armored Vorquin Leystrider

Majestic Armored Vorquin

Swift Armored Vorquin

Starting November 29, you can buy the mounts in Valdrakken.

The Drachtyr racial mounts will add up to +7 new mounts to your collection which is useful if you’re working on Thanks for the Carry!.