Rextroy is back after a long hiatus with a new Divine Toll one-shot combo that deals 120K damage!

Background Information

I first heard of this combo back during beta when Athoman – Nagrand (EU) told me about it. The combo is rather simple, but to maximize the damage of it, there are a few different steps to take.

The main component is a Reckoning buff for Holy, which remains while changing spec. The Holy Reckoning buff is a 200% damage increase to Judgment, as well as making it crit… This will boost your Retribution Divine Toll, an ability that already has a 100% damage modifier to Judgment!

These together, along with the best possible gear (or in my case, Heart of Azeroth) as well as the best possible talents to modify the damage, will be enough to one-shot anyone in the pre-patch (at least before the 40% incoming health buff) The Holy Reckoning buff will not be consumed by using Divine Toll, so you can quickly use a Judgment right after to finish off anyone that is at low health!

The talent build for maximum damage is similar to the following:…

Keep in mind many of these talents are not optimal for normal gameplay.

I simply tried to gather as many modifiers as possible to boost the one shot! It will also look a bit different at 70 as well The combo is to gather holy reckoning by being hit by low-level mobs, then change into Ret, to use Wake of Ashes and Blade of Justice to fully stack the dawn buff (In the video showcase, I didn’t spec Holy Blade, which is useful if you want to quickly stack 5 holy power).

Then you Seraphim into all cooldowns (potions etc) and use a Divine Toll! This should slaughter most nearby enemies with ease. I hope you all enjoyed it! And stay tuned… I already got 4 more videos on the way.