We bring you a detailed overview of the Devastation Dracthyr Evoker abilities and talents! Find out what the new ranged DPS spec has to offer!

Dracthyr Evoker Resources

Primary Resource: Mana

The new class uses mana as their primary resource.

Secondary Resource: Essence

The Evoker’s secondary resource is called Essence that recharges over time.

Devastation Dracthyr Evoker Mastery

Mastery: Giantkiller – Increases the damage of your spells by up to 20.0%, based on the current health of your target. Higher health targets take more damage.

The Awakened racial passive further increases your Mastery by 2.5%.

Baseline Abilities

The following abilities are available to all Dracthyr Evokers regardless of specialization.

Azure Strike (Blue) – Project intense energy onto 2 enemies, dealing [ 72% of Spell Power ] Spellfrost damage to them. (Costs 0.9% of Base Mana, Instant, 25 yd range)

Blessing of the Bronze (Bronze) – Weave the threads of time, reducing the cooldown of the a major movement ability for all party and raid members by 15% for 60 min. (Costs 4% of Base Mana, Instant, 40 yd range, 15 sec cooldown)

Deep Breath (Black) – Take in a deep breath and fly to the targeted location, spewing molten cinders dealing [ 250% of Spell Power ] Volcanic damage to enemies in your path. You are immune to movement impairing and loss of control effects while flying. (Instant, 20-50 yd range, 2 min cooldown)

Disintegrate (Blue) – Tear into an enemy with a blast of blue magic, inflicting [ 261% of Spell Power ] Spellfrost damage over 3 sec, and slowing their movement speed by 30% for 3 sec. (Costs 3 Essence, 3 sec cast, 25 yd range)

Emerald Blossom (Green) – Grow a bulb from the Emerald Dream at an ally’s location. After 2 sec, heal up to 3 injured allies within 10 yds for [ 250% of Spell Power ]. (Costs 3 Essence and 4% of Base Mana, Instant, 25 yd range, 30 sec cooldown)

Fire Breath (Red) – Inhale, stoking your inner flame. Release to exhale, burning enemies in a cone in front of you for [ 145% of Spell Power ] Fire damage. Deals reduced damage beyond 5 targets. (Costs 2.6% of Base Mana, 2.5 sec cast, 30 sec cooldown)

I: Deals [ 70% of Spell Power ] damage over 4 sec.

II: Deals [ 140% of Spell Power ] damage over 8 sec.

III: Deals [ 210% of Spell Power ] damage over 12 sec.

Hover – Launch yourself and gain 30% increased movement speed for 6 sec. Allows Evoker spells to be cast while moving. Does not affect empowered spells. (Instant, 1 charge, 35 sec recharge)

Living Flame (Red) – Send a flickering flame towards your target, dealing [ 200% of Spell Power ] Fire damage to an enemy or healing an ally for [ 275% of Spell Power ]. (Costs 2% of Base Mana, 2 sec cast, 25 yd range)

Return (Bronze) – Brings a dead party member back to life with 35% health and mana. Cannot be cast when in combat. (Costs 0.8% of Base Mana, 10 sec cast, 40 yd range)

Talent Points

At max level (70), you can spend 31 points in your core talent tree and 30 points in your specialization tree for a total of 61 talent points.

Dracthyr Evoker: Core Talent Tree

The tree is available to all Evokers regardless of specialization, hence the name core tree.

Most talent nodes have either one or two ranks. When there are arrows next to a talent node, you must pick one talent out of two.

You won’t have enough points to unlock all nodes in the tree.

You must progress down one of the branches of the trees to unlock abilities. Some nodes will be connected to other branches.

In total, there are 10 rows of talents.

Evokers use magic of all dragonflights. You will find which dragonflight a particular spell or talent belongs to next to every spell.

E.g. Permeating Chill (Blue)

You can spend 30 talent points at max level (70) in this tree.

Row 1

Landslide (Black) 1/1 – Conjure a path of shifting stone towards the target location, rooting enemies for 30 sec. Damage may cancel the effect. (Costs 2.8% of base Mana, 10-40 yd range, 1.5 min cooldown)

Obsidian Scales (Black) 1/1 – Reinforce your scales, increasing your armor by 200% and reducing magic damage taken by 20%. Lasts 12 sec. (Instant, 2.5 min cooldown)

Expunge (Green) 1/1 – Expunge toxins affecting an ally, removing all Poison effects. (Costs 1.3% of Base Mana, Instant, 25 yd range, 8 sec cooldown)

Row 2

Natural Convergence 1/1 – Disintegrate channels 20% faster.

Permeating Chill (Blue) 1/1 – Your damaging Blue spells reduce the target’s movement speed by 50% for 3 sec.

Rescue (Green) 1/1 – Fly to an ally and heal them for [ 430% of Spell Power ]. (Costs 3% of Base Mana, Instant, 25 yd range, 24 sec cooldown)

Row 3

Forger of Mountains 1/1 – Landslide’s cooldown is reduced by 30 sec, and it can withstand 200% more damage before breaking.

Innate Magic 2/2 – Essence regenerates 5% faster.

Obsidian Bulwark 1/1 – Obsidian Scales’s cooldown is reduced by 60 sec.

Enkindled 2/2 – Living Flame deals 5% more damage and healing.

Scarlet Adaptation 1/1 – Store 20% of your effective healing, up to [ 600% of Spell Power ]. Your next damaging Living Flame consumes all stored healing to increase its damage dealt.

Row 4

Quell 1/1 – Interrupt an enemy’s spellcasting and preventing any spell from that school of magic from being cast for 4 sec.

Recall 1/1 – You may reactivate Deep Breath within 3 sec after landing to travel nback in time to your takeoff location.

Select One Talent

Clobbering Sweep 1/1 – Tail Swipe’s cooldown is reduced by 45 sec.

Heavy Wingbeats 1/1 – Wing Buffet’s cooldown is reduced by 45 sec.

Tailwind 1/1 – Hover increases your movement speed by 70% for the first 4 seconds.

Cauterizing Flame (Red) 1/1 – Cauterize an ally’s wounds, removing all Bleed, Curse, and Disease effects. Heals for (350% of Spell Power) upon removing any effect.

Row 5

You must spend 8 talent points to unlock this row.

Roar of Exhilaration 1/1 – Successfully interrupting an enemy with Quell generates 1 Essence.

Suffused With Power 2/2 – Your Magic damage done is increased by 2%.

Tip the Scales 1/1 – Compress time to make your next empowered spell cast instantly at its maximum empower level. (Instant, 2 min cooldown)

Attuned to the Dream 2/2 – Your healing done and healing received are increased by 2%.

Sleep Walk (Green) 1/1 – Incapacitate an enemy for 20 sec, causing them to sleep walk towards you. Damage has a chance to awaken them. (Costs 2.4% of Base Mana, 1.5 sec cast, 25 yd range, 15 sec cooldown)

Row 6

Draconic Legacy 2/2 – Your Stamina is increased by 2%.

Tempered Scales 2/2 – magic damage taken reduced by 2%.

Extended Flight 2/2 – Hover lasts 4 sec longer.

Bountiful Bloom 1/1 – Emerald Blossom heals 2 additional allies.

Row 7

Blast Furnace 2/2 – Fire Breath’s instant damage is increased by 10%. 

Exuberance 1/1 – While above 75% health, your movement speed is increased by 10%.

Source of Magic (Blue) 1/1 – Redirect your excess magic to a friendly healer for 30 min. When you cast an empowered spell, you restore 0.5% of their maximum mana per empower level. Limit 1. (Instant, 25 yd range)

Ancient Flame 1/1 – Healing yourself with Living Flame reduces the cast time of your next Living Flame by 40%.

Row 8

You must spend 20 talent points to unlock this row.

Unravel (Blue) 1/1 – Sunder an enemy’s protective magic, dealing [ 500% of Spell Power ] Spellfrost damage to absorb shields. (Costs 1% of Base Mana, Instant, 25 yd range, 9 sec cooldown)

Protracted Talons 1/1 – Azure Strike damages 1 additional enemy.

Oppressing Roar (Black) 1/1 -Let out a bone-shaking roar at enemies in a cone in front of you, increasing the duration of crowd controls that affect them by 50% in the next 10 sec. (Instant, 2 min cooldown)

Fly With Me 1/1 – Swoop to an ally and fly with them to the target location. (Costs 3% of Base Mana, Instant, 30 yd range, 1 min cooldown)

Lush Growth 2/2 – Green spells restore 5% more health.

Renewing Blaze (Red) 1/1 – The flames of life surround you for 8 sec, healing you over 14 sec for 100% of damage taken. (Instant, 1.5 min cooldown)

Row 9

Leaping Flames 1/1 – Fire Breath causes your next Living Flame to strike 1 additional target per empower level.

Overawe 1/1 – Oppressing Roar removes 1 Enrage effect from each enemy, and its cooldown is reduced by 20 sec for each Enrage dispelled.

Aerial Mastery 1/1 – Hover gains 1 additional charge.

Twin Guardian 1/1 – You and your ally are protected from harm, absorbing damage equal to 30% of your maximum health for 5 sec.

Select One Talent

Fire Within 1/1 – Renewing Blaze’s cooldown is reduced by 30 sec.

Pyrexia 1/1 – While Renewing Blaze’s initial effect is active, you receive 20% increased healing from all sources.

Row 10

Terror of the Skies 1/1 – Deep Breath stuns enemies for 3 sec.

Time Spiral (Bronze) 1/1 – Bend time, allowing you and your allies to cast their major movement ability once in the next 10 sec, even if it is on cooldown. (Instant, 2 min cooldown)

Zephyr 1/1 – Conjure an updraft to lift your party members within 25 yds into the air, reducing damage taken from area-of-effect attacks by 20% and increasing movement speed by 30% for 8 sec. (Instant, 2 min cooldown)

Devastation Talent Tree

The following tree is unique to the Devastation (Ranged DPS) specialization of Dracthyr Evokers. You can spend 31 talent points here at max level (70).

Row 1

Pyre (Red) 1/1 – Lob a ball of flame, dealing [ 102.5% of Spell Power ] Fire damage to the target and nearby enemies. (Costs 3 Essence, Instant, 25 yd range)

Row 2

Ruby Essence Burst 1/1 – Your Living Flame has a 20% chance to cause an Essence Burst, making your next Disintegrate, Pyre, or Charged Blast cost no Essence.

Azure Essence Burst 1/1 – Azure Strike has a 15% chance to cause an Essence Burst, making your next Disintegrate, Pyre, or Charged Blast cost no Essence.

Row 3

Volatility 2/2 – Pyre has a 30% chance to flare up and explode again on a nearby target.

Arcane Intensity (Blue) 2/2 – Disintegrate deals 10% more damage.

Lay Waste 2/2 – Deep Breath’s damage is increased by 10%.

Row 4

Dense Energy 1/1 – Pyre’s Essence cost is reduced by 1.

Essence Attunement 1/1 – Essence Burst stacks 2 times.

Row 5

You must spend 8 talent points to unlock this row

Ruby Affinity 2/2 – Red spells deal 5% more damage and healing.

Dragonrage 1/1 – Erupt with draconic fury and exhale Pyres at 3 enemies within 25 yds. For 14 sec, Essence Burst’s chance to occur is increased to 100%. (Instant, 2 min cooldown)

Azure Affinity 2/2 – Blue spells deal 5% more damage.

Row 6

Select One Talent

Engulfing Blaze 1/1 – Living Flame deals 40% increased damage and healing, but its cast time is increased by 0.5 sec.

Ruby Embers 1/1 – Living Flame deals [ 20% of Spell Power ] damage over 12 sec to enemies, or restores [ 40% of Spell Power ] health to allies over 12 sec. Stacks 3 times.

Imminent Destruction 1/1 – Empower spells reach maximum level in 20% less time.

Animosity 1/1 – Dragonriding lasts 6 seconds longer.

Power Swell 1/1 – Empower spells increase your Essence regeneration rate by 50%. Lasts 2 sec per empower level.

Eternity Surge (Blue) 1/1 – Focus your energies to release a salvo of pure magic, dealing [ 369% of Spell Power ] Spellfrost damage to an enemy. (2.5 sec cast, 25 yd range, 30 sec cooldown)

I: Damages 1 enemy.

II: Damages 2 enemies.

III: Damages 3 enemies.

Row 7

Firestorm (Red) 1/1 – An explosion bombards the target area with white-hot cinders, dealing [ 140% of Spell Power ] Fire damage to enemies over 12 sec. (2 sec cast, 25 yd range, 20 sec cooldown)

Cascading Power 1/1 – Essence Burst has a 10% chance to not be consumed.

Font of Magic 1/1 – Your empower spells’ maximum level is increased by 1.

Imposing Presence 1/1 – Quell’s cooldown is reduced by 20 sec.

Power Nexus 1/1 – Increases your maximum Essence to 6.

Select One Talent

Continuum 1/1 – Eternity Surge critical strikes grant you Essence Burst

Causality 1/1 – Essence abilities reduce the remaining cooldown of Eternity Surge by 1 sec.

Charged Blast (Blue) 1/1 – Exhale a bolt of concentrated power from your mouth for [ 140% of Spell Power ] Spellfrost damage. Azure Strike increases the damage of Charged Blast by 100% for 3 sec, stacking 2 times. (Costs 2 Essence, Instant, 25 yd range, 15 sec cooldown)

Row 8

You must spend 20 talent points to unlock this row.

Snapfire 1/1 – Living Flame has a 12% chance to reset the cooldown of Firestorm, and make your next one instant cast and deal 40% increased damage.

Feed the Flames 1/1 – Pyre reduces the remaining cooldown of Fire Breath by 2 sec.

Heat Wave 2/2 – Fire Breath deals 20% more damage over time.

Honed Aggression 2/2 – Azure Strike’s damage is increased by 15%.

Eternity’s Span 1/1 – Eternity Surge hits twice as many targets.

Select One Talent

Arcane Reverberation 1/1 – Charged Blast has a 40% chance to instantly reset its own cooldown.

Expansive Maw 1/1 – Charged Blast deals 10% more damage and strikes 2 additional enemies.

Row 9

Burnout 2/2 – Fire Breath reduces the cast time of Living Flame by 30% for 4 sec.

Ruin 1/1 – During Deep Breath and Dragonrage you gain the maximum benefit of Mastery: Giantkiller regardless of targets’ health.

Focusing Iris 2/2 – Disintegrate increases your damage done to the target by 5% for 4 sec.

Row 10

Everburning Flame 1/1 – Damaging an enemy with Pyre or Living Flame extends the duration of your Fire Breath’s damage over time by 1 sec.

Tyranny 2/2 – Fire Breath and Eternity Surge reduce the remaining cooldown of Deep Breath and Dragonrage by 1 sec per empower level.

Scintillation 1/1 – Disintegrate has a 6% chance each time it deals damage to cast a level 1 Eternity Surge at your target.