We’ve summarized the latest Demon Hunter changes from the Dragonflight Beta in our latest news post. Havoc’s Blade Dance and Essence Break have been nerfed and the class got some new talents.

Demon Hunter


Blade Dance – Reduces the cooldown of Blade Dance by 6 5 sec.

Essence Break – Slash all enemies in front of you for [ 280% 252% of Attack Power ] Chaos damage, and increase the damage your Chaos Strike and Blade Dance deal to them by 100% for 4 sec. Deals reduced damage beyond 8 targets.


Void Reaver – Frailty now also causes afflicted enemies to deal 4% reduced damage to you for 5 sec. Frailty now also reduces all damage you take from afflicted targets by 4%.

New Talents

Internal Struggle – Increases your Mastery by 2%.

Stoke the Flames – Fel Devastation damage increased by 40%.

Fel Devastation – Unleash the fel within you, damaging enemies directly in front of you for [ 155.6% of Attack Power ] Fire damage over 2 sec. Causing damage also heals you for up to [ 409.5% of Attack Power ] health.

Shadow Barrage – Rips a hole in time and space, opening a random portal that damages your target:

Shadowy Tear – Deals [ 436.8% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage over 14 sec.

Unstable Tear – Deals [ 374.4% of Spell Power ] Chaos damage over 6 sec.

Chaos Tear – Fires a Chaos Bolt, dealing [ 156% of Spell Power ] Chaos damage. This Chaos Bolt always critically strikes and your critical strike chance increases its damage.

Generates 3 Soul Shard Fragments.