Check out the Death Knight changes that went live in Dragonflight Beta Build 46259.

Death Knight


Epidemic – Causes each of your Virulent Plagues to flare up, dealing [ 24% 22.8% of Attack Power ] Shadow damage to the infected enemy, and an additional [ 9.6% 9.12% of Attack Power ] Shadow damage to all other enemies near them.

Sudden Doom – Approximately 2.88 2.5 procs per minute.

Clawing Shadows – Deals [ 50.78% 55.86% of Attack Power ] Shadow damage and causes 1 Festering Wound to burst.

Bursting Sores – Bursting a Festering Wound deals 25% 20% more damage, and deals [ 20% 18% of Attack Power ] Shadow damage to all nearby enemies. Deals reduced damage beyond 8 targets.

Harbinger of Doom – Sudden Doom triggers 15% 30% more often and can accumulate up to 2 charges.

Unholy Pact – Dark Transformation creates an unholy pact between you and your pet, igniting flaming chains that deal [ 236.2% 224.4% of Attack Power ] Shadow damage over 15 sec to enemies between you and your pet.

Tier Set Bonuses

Death Knight Unholy Class Set 2pc – Bursting a Festering Wound grants your ghoul Vile Infusion, increasing their damage by 25% and Attack Speed Haste by 10% for 5 sec.