A new player condition added in Patch 10.1.5 requires players to have the original Tier 3 Set Feat of Strength achievement. Could it be somehow tied to the Corrupted Ashbringer acquisition?

Corrupted Ashbringer Returning in Patch 10.1.5?

Based on datamining, it appears the Corrupted Ashbringer will once again be obtainable in Patch 10.1.5. Corrupted Ashbringer is a new quest item referencing the sword with the following flavor text: 

“The Ashbringer has lived in both infamy and reverence. In the timeline this came from, it was never cleansed. It would be unwise to touch it directly.”

Mysterious Naxxramas Player Condition

Patch 10.1.5 adds a new player condition tied to Naxxramas. It requires the player to have the Drop Dead, Gorgeous Feat of Strength achievement, as discovered by content creator MrGM.

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Corrupted Ashbringer is extremely rare and Blizzard probably wouldn’t allow everyone to get.

We speculate only players with the Drop Dead, Gorgeous achievement will be able to acquire the sword in Patch 10.1.5.

Drop Dead, Gorgeous requires the player to have the original Tier 3 Set from Naxxramas. Tier 7 sets from Wrath do not give progress toward the achievement and with Tier 3 Sets removed, one can only get the pieces from the Black Market Auction House which is both time-consuming and expensive.

What do you think about our theory?