Yesterday Blizzard launched a new and very cool feature for the official Twitter account, where players could send in their characters and then receive that character’s “story”. This meant getting some stats and building a little narrative around it, all nicely framed in a response tweet, and today we’ll be taking a look at some of the results, as many players sent in their characters!

Let’s start with a bit of a celebrity, but also an apparent bug in the system, as this player didn’t quite get their story, but did get a reply from the Warcraft account. There may be cause for concern.

ALL REALITIES @Warcraft#WarcraftStory

— N’zoth ?? (@TheRealNzoth) November 3, 2022


— N’zoth ?? (@TheRealNzoth) November 3, 2022

Then there are the classics, as some players just do NOT like to travel to dungeons and raids, and the system can also highlight which expansion a player raided the most.

There’s also some other technical issues, but honestly they actually worked to this player’s advantage, as they look fabulous:

Many players are also somewhat shocked by the number of quests they’ve abandoned over the years.

Then there’s some pretty shocking ones, at least for me, as this character clearly raided a lot, but apparently only ever used 3 flasks?! However, it’s possible the raid kills come mostly/only from clearing old legacy content for mounts etc, so perhaps it’s not quite as alarming a stat, or maybe it’s just a bug. Hopefully.

And some players are not too happy with what is considered their defining achievements.

There’s some real critter haters out there as well:

And then there’s the falling enthusiasts.

Perhaps the laughing issue below is related to the lack of Invincible?

And finally, we end with a liittle bit of drama, as the recent Twitch drop Fel Drake has caused some division in the community (which we’ll talk about soon), and this player just got a reminder.