As with every major patch in FFXIV, Square Enix puts up a special website to give us glimpses of what to look forward to…and these sites are updated often, leading up to the patch! Let’s see what they’ve shared with us today. Patch 6.1 Spoilers Ahead!

Patches 6.X are in an interesting place. With Endwalker ending the Hydaelyn-Zodiark storyline that had built over the course of several years, we have all number of directions the story could go from there. Based on the raid tiers and the new story so far, we’re going to be dealing heavily with voidsent in the coming days…which was hinted at as early as Shadowbringers, in the questline after completing all role quests for each role.

Patch 6.1 gave us a lot to be excited about, with a cutscene revealing Zenos’ “reaperbuddy” as I like to call them, as well as a meeting in the Thirteenth with aspects of Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth speaking to a mysterious Knight in Black. Longtime fans of the Final Fantasy series will recognize this cast as Golbez and the Four Fiends, from Final Fantasy IV.

As an honorable mention, Noah van Gabranth from Final Fantasy XII is still out there as well after the Bozja questline.

With the special site’s update, we catch glimpses into the new upcoming dungeon – the Fell Court of Troia – and screenshots from the highly anticipated Island Sanctuary, which will be covered in detail by our own Alhena

And finally, an expansion to the Duty Support system, with dungeons from ARR patches and the first several dungeons of Heavensward being added to the system. Players will now be able to enter Snowcloak, the Keeper of the Lake, Sohm Al, the Aery, and the Vault with a party of NPCs.

It goes without saying we can expect more updates and previews to the special site as the month goes on. For now, however, what are you most excited about? Let us know below!

Patch 6.2─Buried Memory Special Site Update [Source]

The Patch 6.2 special site has been updated with details on upcoming content including the main scenario; island sanctuary; the new instanced dungeon, the Fell Court of Troia; Containment Bay S1T7 (Unreal); and the upcoming main scenario revisions.

Be sure to visit regularly as we’ll keep you updated on the latest information about the patch until its release.

View the special site.