Today, we’d like to highlight BtWQuests, a must-have quest journal addon for all completionists and those who struggle with unlocking Allied Races!

BtWQuests provides an extensive list of all quests for each zone and tracks which ones you’ve completed. Sometimes, it can happen that you’ve missed that one quest for The Loremaster, and the addon is here to help you with that.

The addon also pins the location of the starting quest on your map. Quest lines are packaged within separate addons for each expansion. If you download the addon from here, it will automatically include Dragonflight. 

BtWQuests: Dragonflight contains the leveling campaign as well as the side quests for each zone along with a few max-level quest lines

BtWQuests: Shadowlands contains all leveling zones, covenant campaigns, and Torghast unlock (Included by default)

BtWQuests: Battle for Azeroth contains all quest lines, including the leveling zones, War Campaign, and 8.2 and 8.3 quest lines

BtWQuests: Legion contains all major quest lines for Legion, including class campaigns and story quest lines

BtWQuests: Warlords of Draenor contains the initial garrison quest chain as well as the shipyard questlines along with the major quest lines for leveling zones

BtWQuests: Mists of Pandaria contains the major quest lines for leveling zones in Mists of Pandaria

BtWQuests: Cataclysm contains the major quest lines for leveling zones in Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor

BtWQuests: Wrath of the Lich King contains very early versions of the major quest lines for leveling zones

BtWQuests: The Burning Crusade for the Outland quest lines in leveling areas