With a combo built around a broken Mage Legendary Power, Rextroy one-shots Horde players in Durotar in his latest video.

Background Information

I found this combo when I was looking for some other legendary… It is built around Harmonic Echo.

Which does 25% of your damage, to nearby targets! This type of text usually means it can be combined with the damage scaling aura against low level targets!…

The only issue in this case, is that you need to do 2 damage sources (Radiant Spark, and a mage ability) before the legendary effect starts to work.

So even if it worked against a toad or low level target… how would we keep the toad alive?

We are going to use an old strategy, which is to give a toad Ray of Hope (by mind controlling it), this means it will survive, and all damage taken will be delayed for 6 seconds!

I feared that since the damage you do will end up absorbed, it wouldn’t count towards the legendary… But thankfully it does!

We are also using Mass Invisibility (that allows you to finish a cast before it breaks!) to easily sneak up on Horde and spawn a toad, without them noticing it!

I tried to make the combo doable on your own, but sadly the Harmonic Echo won’t proc if your ability kills the target. So there isn’t any available NPC to take use of, that can make us one shot without the help of Ray of Hope!

I hope you all enjoyed the video!

Broken Mage Legendary One-Shot Video