Battle for Azeroth bonus roll tokens will work with the anniversary event world bosses. Consider buying them for an extra chance at loot before facing the world bosses!

The anniversary event world bosses drop item level 272 loot, providing a quick way to gear up alts for Dragonflight. However, if you’d like to increase your chance of receiving loot, you can buy Seals of Wartorn Fate that will work with the world bosses.

The Alliance Master of Fate vendor Tezran is located in Boralus Harbor at 72, 13.

The Horde vendor Zurvan can be found in Dazar’alor at 54,88.

Buying two tokens will cost 7K gold.

The first coin costs 2K gold.

The second coin costs 5K gold.

Alternatively, you can buy them with Marks of Honor, but it is better to spend them on transmog.