Players are receiving gear they cannot equip from world events such as Community Feasts, Siege of the Dragonbane Keep, and even rares, on live servers.

While it’s fine to receive gear for your off-spec, players are receiving items that either cannot be equipped or are intended for other roles.

Reddit user realnzall received an Agility Fist Weapon on their Paladin from the Community Feast event in Iskaara.

Another player received a Hunter Gun on their Druid.

The randomness seems to extend to Rares and Super Rares as well. Quinzz got a Hunter Crossbow on their Boomkin.

Redditor Good-Expression-4433 got a Melee DPS trinket from the soup event and multiple melee DPS trinkets on their Warlock. 

Did you receive gear you can’t use from doing World Quests in Dragonflight?