We have some tank-only action as neither high Mythic+ nor the raid itself are safe from the gang of defensives! We have two groups taking on the two endgame PvE activities, the dungeon crew before 10.0.5 and the raid just after.

Starting off with the dungeons, we have a group of tanks (including our own DK guide writer Mandl) pushing to see how far up they can go, and after an already impressive HoV +20, they managed to get this +21 Nokhud down as well!


Then we’re on to the raid, and while it wasn’t quite a full clear, HeroicSolo and co. managed to take down Normal mode Eranog, Terros and Sennarth!


And as a bonus at the end, here’s two more +20 Mythic+ runs, with that Halls of Valor and an Azure Vault one:


Congrats to all the tanks living the mono-role run dream and we hope to see more in the future!