Instead of manually clicking on a Warlock’s Demonic Gateway, you can use an item called Gateway Control Shard to activate it.

Sometimes, it can be challenging to click on a Warlock’s Demonic Gateway, especially in a raid environment with so much going on.

Gateway Control Shard is an item that activates a Demonic Gateway when you’re about 5 yards away from it. Instead of manually clicking on the gateway, you can simply drag the item to your action bar and press it to use the gateway.

The item’s sold by an NPC named Dothenos near Crafting Orders in Valdrakken for 150 gold. You can buy it from other vendors as well; faction discounts apply.

Do you have trouble finding Demonic Gateways and clicking them, especially during raids? There is a ‘toy’ you can buy for 150g that will activate the nearest Demonic Gateway.
by u/COWDevilsAdvocate in wow

Source: Reddit