Blizzard has updated the loot of world bosses to item level 395 on the Dragonflight Beta.

At launch, Dragonflight will have four world bosses on a weekly rotation. The bosses are elemental-themed proto-drakes.

Item Level of Loot from Dragonflight World Bosses

World Bosses at Dragonflight launch drop item level 395 loot.

An Overview of World Bosses in Dragonflight

Below, you will find an overview the four world bosses available in Dragonflight, including an overview and loot tables.

1. Stunraan, The Sky’s Misery

Stunraan’s presence has been known to make the skies cry. His tempest electrifies the air and wreaks havoc upon the land. Drawn to the gale power, Stunraan now threatens the lands and people of the Ohn’ahran Plains.

Stunraan Loot

Stormshale Cuffs (Cloth Wrist)

Storm Chaser’s Waistguard (Mail Waist)

Tights of Twisting Winds (Leather Legs)

Striders of the Sky’s Misery (Plate Feet)

Static-Charged Scale (Trinket)

2. Basrikron, The Shale Wing

Basikron is significantly heavier than his kin, and as such prefers life on the ground to soaring through the air. Basikron’s surroundings are his to conquer, and allow him to perfect his craft. He speaks and the ground obeys, allowing him to bring to bear the full might of the earth upon those foolish enough to face him.

Basikron Loot

Earthspeaker’s Brooch (Neck)

Hardened Shale Breastplate (Plate Chest)

Petrified Bracelets (Mail Wrist)

Belt of Living Earth (Cloth Waist)

Stony Cragwalkers (Leather Feet)

3. Bazual, The Dreaded Flame

Bazual’s special connection to the Plane of Fire allows him to directly siphon power from the Firelands. With the help of the Primalist forces, Bazual is expanding portals to the Firelands in the Azure Span.

Bazual Loot

Magmagtic Vestments (Cloth Chest)

Mafic Shackles (Plate Wrist)

Cinderfang Wrap (Leather Waist)

Basalt Brood Stompers (Mail Feet)

Smoldering Sulfuron Signet (Ring)

4. Liskanoth, The Futurebane

Imbued with an immense icy power, Liskanoth oversees the land conquered by the Primalists. Liskanoth’s very presence casts a chill down the spine of all who encounter her. If left to continue her conquest, Liskanoth will annihilate all who dare enter Thaldraszus.

Liskanoth Loot

Horns of the Futurebane (Mail Head)

Frosted Scale Drape (Back)

Glacial Bindings (Leather Wrist)

Icebound Girdle (Plate Waist)

Frozen Footwraps (Cloth Feet)