Here’s a list of new mounts added in the first Dragonflight Alpha build.

Mounts in Dragonflight Alpha Patch 10.0.0 Build 44649

Format: Name / Source / Flavor Text where applicable.

PH Lava Mammoth Blue

Dragon Isles Drake Model Test – Rewarded from the Dragon Isles Achievement

Swift Spectral Drake – Legacy – Even the dead need a lift every now and then.

Dracthyr Flight Test – [PH] – Flap your wings!

PH Moose Bull Brown

PH Lava Mammoth Orange

PH Moose Bull Dark

[PH] Dragonfly Black – Drop

[PH] Dragonfly Blue – Drop

[PH] Dragonfly Green – Drop

[PH] Dragonfly Yellow – Drop

[PH] Water Salamander Green

[PH] Water Salamander Orange

[PH] Water Salamander Pink

[PH] Water Salamander Purple

PH Lava Slug Red

PH Lava Slug Blue

PH Lava Slug Yellow

PH Lava Snail Red

PH Lava Snail Blue

PH Lava Snail Yellow

[PH] Mammoth V2 Gray

[PH] Mammoth V2 Blue

[PH] Mammoth V2 Green

[PH] Mammoth V2 Orange

PH Thunder Lizard Black

PH Thunder Lizard Blue

PH Thunder Lizard Light

PH Thunder Lizard Brown

PH Primal Tallstrider White

PH Primal Tallstrider Black

PH Primal Tallstrider Red

PH Primal Tallstrider Green

PH Lava Mammoth Red

PH Lava Mammoth Yellow

[PH] Black Armored River Otter – Drop

[PH] Blue Armored River Otter – Drop

[PH] Brown Armored River Otter – Drop

[PH] White Armored River Otter – Drop

[PH] Yellow Armored River Otter – Drop

[PH] Blue River Otter – Drop

[PH] Brown River Otter – Drop

[PH] White River Otter – Drop

[PH] Yellow River Otter

[PH] Gladiator Drake – [PH] – [PH] Swoop de loop and murder other players in style.

Carrier Yeti – Achievement Reward: Thanks for the Carry! – There’s never been a yeti more excited to carry people around. Blizzard said the mount from the achievement will change in a future Alpha build.