Thundering is now available for testing on the Dragonflight Beta, and here are some videos that showcase the new affix in its full glory!

What Does the Affix Do?

Quaking‘s cousin causes players to get caught in storms and discharge energy that damages and stuns nearby allies.

Thundering – While in combat, players are periodically caught in Raszageth’s unending storm. As the storm passes, players discharge excess energy that can damage and stun allies.

Spells related to the affix:

Lightning Strike // Lightning Strike – Inflicts 25 Nature damage to players standing in the area and stuns them for 1.5 sec.

Thundering Orb – Players that come into contact with a Thundering Orb suffer 25 Nature damage and are stunned for 1 sec.

Thundering – Raszageth charges all players, after 0 sec, the charge fulminates, inflicting 45 Nature damage to allies within 3 yards and releasing a wave of Thundering Orbs.

The current iteration of the affix is a bit rough on the Beta. Here we have some footage of the affix from the community.

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A bug on Beta caused Thundering to proc and cause wipes even before a Mythic Dungeon started.