Even though crafting orders haven’t been fully implemented yet on the Alpha, we’ve looked at the system in more detail.

In Dragonflight, you can place crafting orders if you want to have a specific item crafted. Just head to Valdrakken and talk to Scaravelle to get started. You can filter out the items through an Auction House-like interface.

When you select the item you want, a new window opens with the option to list your order. You can deposit all or some of the reagents (including optional) required for the recipe, pick for how long the listing will be up, leave a custom message for the crafter, and a tip.

You can set the order to the public, guild only, or private. Crafters will be then able to browse all crafting orders and accept them.

The interface is a WIP (work in progress) on the Dragonflight Alpha and we do not know if crafting orders will work for items from previous expansions or just Dragonflight recipes.