We’ve talked about the Demonology Warlock bug where they can carry Torghast powers out of the tower and have a true monster under their control, with teams even seemingly abusing it to clear +34 keys on time!

However, we’ve never actually seen it in action, but now we can, as Neo (灵魂复苏) has (potentially) sacrificed his Warlock to show us some actual Mythic+ runs using the bug/exploit!

The AoE peak.

So here it is, the 175K DPS (average throughout the dungeon, with a peak of 950K), 2.6 million HP monster that literally 1-shots all mobs when it’s Bladestorm ability is up, even in a + 26 and +29! The keys were both finished extremely speedily, even with 4 random players from the stream, with +2 upgrades. And just to note before we go into the video, Neo is specifically only doing this to show Blizzard the bug and get more attention to it, so it can be fixed.

For more details on the bug you can check out our earlier article, but it turns out there are more ways to get rid of it than just the glyph, as it is removed when you queue for LFR, timewalking or a random Battleground – but other than that it stays on.

Hopefully this will indeed bring more attention to the issue and Blizzard can address the bug quickly, especially with players potentially going for and completing the highest level keys of Shadowlands so far with it! To see the overall Mythic+ highest timed key done only because of a bug would really be disappointing, and it’s very close to happening.