Rogue Transmogs: 99 Problems


    Just because you are a rogue doesn’t mean you have to dress all sneaky all the time. Sometimes you just want to be, well, loud. Mickjabber brings us his take on the rogue look with goblin style.

    “As you can tell I wasn’t really going for the subtle look here, basically I figured a Goblin Rogue would want to look good whilst he slays things, something with a certain amount of panache, something that a small person can make a big impact with!”

    Well Mickjabber, you’ll certainly make an impact!

    This set will take you through low level dungeons, Firelands, and require some good world drop or Auction House luck.

    Head: Stylin Purple Hat – Leatherworking
    Shoulders: Mantle of Autumn – Laj in The Botanica
    Back: Netherfury Cape – Warp Splinter in The Botanica
    Chest : Songbird Blouse – Hearthsinger Forresten in Stratholme
    Hands: Gloves of the Fang – random drop from Wailing Caverns (check the AH)
    Waist : Headhunters Belt – random world drop (check the AH)
    Legs : Leggings of the Fang – Lord Cobrahn in Wailing Caverns
    Feet: Headhunter Slippers – random world drop (check the AH)

    Daggers : Alysra’s  Razor – Alysrazor in Heroic Firelands


    Mickjabber1   Mickjabber2   Mickjabber3



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