Tricks of the Trade

WoW rogue guides, raid tips, and other resources to help you play at your best.

The Classic Rogue

World of Warcraft: Classic is here. Check out the resources below. If a Classic rogue guide or resource that you like isn't listed, let us know.

WoW Rogue Terms: Common Abbreviations

From AR to WM, and everything in between.

Battle for Dazar’alor: A Rogue DPS Guide

Battle for Dazar’alor is the second raid in Battle for Azeroth. The raid covers a lot of different fighting styles, pure Single Target (ST), small and medium...

Quick Guide to Rogue Changes in 8.1

Patch 8.1 brings minor tweaks and a few straight up changes to the rogue kit. Ability Changes: None   Azerite Power Changes: Nothing Personal replaces Poisoned Wire. Echoing Blades replaces Fan of...

All in One Mythic Zul Guide for Sub Rogues

Welcome to the All in One Mythic Guide to Zul in the Uldir raid! This guide should sort you out with most if not all things Mythic Zul. If...