Warlords of Draenor Pre-raid Gear

So you’ve hit 100 and you need to get geared to raid. This guide includes available pre-raid gear of ilevel 630 and above.

Weapons and Trinkets are notoriously hard to acquire so they are separated out. All other gear is listed by source. Note that due to secondary stats and personal loot, these lists are quite long compared to Mists gear lists.

Weapons and Trinkets

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Item ilevel Source Location Stat 1 Stat 2
Steelforged Dagger 630 Blacksmithing Profession Variable Variable
Ner’zhul’s Ritual Blade 630 Ner’zhul Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Haste Mastery
Felshanker 630 Warlord Zaela Upper Blackrock Spire Mastery Multistrike
Scherer’s Culinary Chopper 645 Invader’s Forgotten Treasure Garrison ┬áVersatility ┬áMultistrike


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