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These guides have been written by Ravenholdt based on the most up to date information available.  If you have questions or concerns about any Ravenholdt guides let us know on the forums.


Class Guides

Ravenholdt Guide to Assassination

Ravenholdt Guide to Combat

Ravenholdt Guide to Subtlety


Raid Guides

Blackrock Foundry Tips for Rogues

Highmaul Tips for Rogues

Ravenholdt Guide to Warlords of Draenor Pre-raid Gear


The Ravenholdt Guide to Rogue Guides on the Internet

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WoD Changes Author Site
Warlords of Draenor Rogue Changes   Wowhead


The Rogue Class Author Site
Should you play a rogue in WoW? Elizabeth Harper WoW Insider
Official Rogue Page   Blizzard
Wowhead Rogue Page   Wowhead
Wowpedia Rogue Page   Wowpedia


How to Rogue Author Site
Roguedom Thread #2: The FA of Qs Rfeann Official forums
Rogue DPS Guide (Assassination, Combat, Subtlety) Rfeann Wowhead
Assassination Rogue DPS Guide Damien Icy Veins
Elitist Jerks – Assassination from the Mists snowman2050 Elitist Jerks
Combat Rogue DPS Guide Damien Icy Veins
[5.4 Combat] I’m Not Dead Yet Pathal Elitist Jerks
WoW Forums – Hail’s Guide to Sub PvE (5.4) Haileaus Official forums
Crash Course – Rogue Official YouTube
Sneaking into 5.4 Raiding – Subtlety DPS Guide (with Pun!) Jurugar Elitist Jerks


Leveling Author Site
WoW Forums – Rogue Leveling FAQ (5.x) Aeriwen Official forums
Rogue Leveling Guide Damien Icy Veins


Quests Author Site
WoW Insider – Encrypted Text: Swirly Ball and a bag of coins Chase Christian WoW Insider
Fangs of the Father (Legendary Daggers) Quest Line Guide Vlad Icy Veins


Strategies and Tips Author Site
Brawler’s Guild – Rogue Tactics and Tips (Rank 8+) qantum1 MMO-Champion
Proving Ground guide for combat rogues Hïldegard Official forums
Deceitfulx – Assasination Rogue – Endless Proving Grounds – 5.4 Deceitx WarCraftMovies
Gold Proving Grounds for Rogues Dinaer Forever a Noob
In-Depth Rogue Proving Grounds (Endless) Actaeon OwnedCore
Proven Assailant for Rogues: Strategy and Gear Perculia Wowhead


ShadowCraft Author Site
ShadowCraft Guide wavefunctionp YouTube
Optimization and Significance with ShadowCraft  wavefunctionp YouTube
Encrypted Text: Shadowcraft, a raiding rogue’s best friend Scott Helfand WoW Insider


Macros Author Site
Encrypted Text: Mastering Tricks of the Trade macros Chase Christian WoW Insider
Encrypted Text: Five macros every rogue should know Chase Christian WoW Insider
World of Macros   World of Macros
Rogue Macros   wowmatrix


Transmog Author Site
Transmogrification Rogue Leather Sets Guide Damien Icy Veins
All Transmog Sets for Rogues Perculia Wowhead
Transmogrification Rogue Leather Item Models Guide Damien Icy Veins