With the Pre-Patch for Wrath Classic releasing tomorrow on August 30th, many players are interested to see what Level 70 Talent Builds they can use with the Wrath of the Lich King Talents available. We have prepared some talent build guides for PvE perfect for the Pre-Patch, which you can view below —

Talent Build Guides for Pre-Patch Wrath Classic
Tanks Talent Build Guides
Blood Death Knight Talents Feral Druid Bear Talents Protection Paladin Talents Protection Warrior Talents

Melee DPS Talent Build Guides
Frost Death Knight Talents Unholy Death Knight Talents Feral Druid Cat Talents Retribution Paladin Talents Assassination Rogue Talents Combat Rogue Talents Subtlety Rogue Talents Enhancement Shaman Talents Arms Warrior Talents Fury Warrior Talents

Ranged DPS Talent Build Guides
Balance Druid Talents Beast Mastery Hunter Talents Marksmanship Hunter Talents Survival Hunter Talents Arcane Mage Talents Fire Mage Talents Frost Mage Talents Shadow Priest Talents Elemental Shaman Talents Affliction Warlock Talents Demonology Warlock Talents Destruction Warlock Talents

Healers Talent Build Guides
Restoration Druid Talents Holy Paladin Talents Discipline Priest Talents Holy Priest Talents Restoration Shaman Talents

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