Fans of Knives: Our Weekly News Roundup for March 24th, 2015

This week Mac223 takes to the MMO-Champion forums to talk about the value of weapon swapping for combat rogues:


Scott Helfand discusses the value of secondary stats in a new Encrypted Text post on Blizzard Watch:

We have learned that starting in April, Encrypted Text will be published every other Thursday – so we can plan on a nice, regular Red-Hatted Rogue fix.


We had a little bug fix for all you haste stackers out there:

Fierydemise notes that since it was fixed so quickly, SimC and ShadowCraft were implementing Mark of Warsong as intended and not based on the bugged behavior. Weapon enchant valuations from SimC or ShadowCraft should not have changed.

Another ShadowCraft note: ShadowCraft is not currently reflecting the Blackrock Foundry five item level buff since it pulls character data from the Blizzard Armory which has not yet updated. That said, the tooltips are correct since they pull from Wowhead.


Tune in next week for another round of rogue news.