Fans of Knives: Our Weekly News Roundup for January 13th, 2015

Last Sunday Final Boss sat down with Vigilate and Fierydemise to talk about the state of the rogue class in Warlords of Draenor. It was an excellent and informative episode with a bunch of good information and much hilarity. Highlights include a breakdown of which spec is best for each boss in Highmaul, Vigilate threatening to eat his sock, and the answer to that ever pressing question, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck? The episode is posted on You Tube for your viewing pleasure:

Fierydemise also talked about his WeakAuras code for tracking Bandit’s Guile. You can find his code here:


The last week has seen several more hotfixes.

On January 6th:

Kidney Shot’s stun effect is now capped at 6 seconds while in PvP combat. Revealing Strike can still increase the stun duration, but not beyond 6 seconds.

Rfeann posted a quick analysis of this hotfix:


On January 7th:

Honor Among Thieves now only triggers its effect in combat.
Sinister Calling’s triggered Bleed effects should now be able to Crit or Multistrike if the source Bleed effect could Crit or Multistrike.

The takeaway:


And on January 12th:

Secondary Stats: The Haste stat is now 11.1% more effective. For example, characters at level 100 now receive a 1% increase per 90 Haste (up from 1% per 100 Haste).

What it means for us:


Whijett has taken to our forums to write up a very detailed Imperator Margok guide for Combat Rogues. Check it out:


On the comedy front, Slightly Impressive has a new mechinima exploring rogue issues:


And Haileaus took to the official forums for a bit of satire:


It’s coming: Patch 6.1 is on the PTR and datamining has dug up a few rogue oriented titbits. Note that this is datamining and it is the PTR so none of this may make it into game – but it’s fun to contemplate:

 This next one may be a spoiler for some since it’s related to the Legendary questline.

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It’s Garona: