Fans of Knives: March 20, 2018

This week is all Battle for Azeroth so if you don’t want spoilers, you have been warned. That said, it’s all about abilities, not story or more spoliable stuff. You know the drill: BfA is in alpha testing and all is subject to change.

We reported a few weeks ago that our raid buff, Weakened Armor, will return. Well a change of mind on the part of the developers has now moved it to monks as Wowhead has reported:

  • The Rogue raid-wide passive Expose Armor has been removed. Monks instead get Mystic Touch: Your damage weakens the target, increasing Physical damage taken by 5%.

They also noted changes to our talents:

  • Elaborate Planning was added as a level 100 talent for Outlaw rogues. Hidden Blades was added as a level 100 talent for Assassination and Subtlety rogues.

Check out the full post for numbers changes: Battle for Azeroth Build 26231- Class Changes, Frost Mage Talents, Azerite Traits.

Check out Wowhead’s Talent Calculator to check out the current state of talents in the alpha:


One of Assasination’s Artifact abilities that is going to become a talent in Battle for Azeroth isĀ Poison Bomb. Infexious checks it out:


And final call. Ravenholdt t-shirts and more. Going away soon.


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