So Alpha, Pandemic, BlizzCon cancelled. It’s been a heck of a year already and we’ve barely started. On with the news.

We have a couple of things to talk about in “retail” WoW. The first is that MarcelianOnline has made a couple of actually really good guide videos for Outlaw and Subtlety in 8.3. Mystler reviewed the content for these before production and that means we can stand behind them. Check them out!


We can’t leave out Assassination though! You may have heard of the crazy Exsanguinate that is super viable if you have the right Corruptions. Well now that we can buy Corruptions from our MOTHER everyone can share in the gloriousness of this build. Raz shares the deets:

Now, on to Shadowlands. Alpha is out and we are promised the expansion before the end of the year. Details are coming out quickly. Infexious has Alpha access and has shared his experience with us:

If you are interested in what rogues will look like in the future, check out all of the datamining from Wowhead:


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