Fans of Knives: February 9, 2016

The big news this week is that Blizzard is addressing concerns about the subtlety class changes in alpha:

And the response from the community has been extremely positive:


In Encrypted Text on Blizzard Watch, Scott Helfand noted how this is a lovely example of testing and constructive feedback actually working:


And Alt:ernative Chat covered it all in her blog:


The feedback keeps coming: Killars of Vodka posted a lengthy review in the alpha forums:


Bay of Final Boss spent some time testing the current alpha subtlety spec:


And Rylix was a guest on Final Boss to talk about rogues on the alpha:


Meanwhile, Wowhead made us a preview of the subtlety artifact quest:

And took a close look at Gorefang, the artifact weapon itself, along with some transmog ideas:


And finally, Mr. Robot commissioned a few artists to create artwork depicting the artifact weapons and showed off what Deeege (Tomasz Górnicki) did for the subtlety dagger. We think it’s pretty nifty!


[EDIT] BONUS NEWS: Tamen, one of our awesome ShadowCraft developers, appeared on The Converted podcast to talk about his projects, including ShadowCraft. Also, we love his t-shirt!

As a reminder: ShadowCraft is already being updated for Legion and could use your help:


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