Fans of Knives: February 21, 2017

Today brings us a short but sweet PvP special issue.

Community Manager Lore gave us a heads-up that PvP Assassination rogues should see some changes today:

Upcoming Class & PvP Tuning – Feb 21

  • Fixed a bug that caused Deadly Brew’s additional free Wound Poison effect to increase to Kingsbane’s damage.
  • Poison Bomb’s damage has been reduced by 30% in PvP.
  • Wound Poison’s healing reduction effect has been reduced to 20% in PvP (24% with Master Poisoner).
  • PvP Template Agility has been reduced by 5%.


And Sativ has a couple of new PvP oriented guides:


Finally, this is a carryover from last week, but it bears repeating: Fierydemise has posted a note about the future of ShadowCraft. Please check this out – he and Tamen are working hard, but our wonderful tool still needs some love:


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