Fans of Knives: December 8, 2015


This week we’ve been able to check out the new Outlaw spec on the Legion Alpha along with what there is of the Class Hall thus far and the first stage of the Artifact Weapon quest for Outlaw.

Scott Helfand of Blizzard Watch has a nice summary of the changes and how the new spec differs from Combat spec:


In a Blizzard Watch Queue response, Alex Ziebart gave his thoughts on what we’ve seen of the Rogue Class Hall thus far:


There has been quite a bit of interest in the new animations for Outlaw spec. Sensus made this video to show us what they look like:


Sensus also has a video showing us the Outlaw Artifact quest, the Class hall and more [SPOILERS]:


Kellayne has shared her trip to acquire the Artifact weapon and join the Rogue Class Hall faction [SPOILERS]:



With Legion Alpha testing in full swing, there is very little going on that is non-alpha, but Aneurysm of Infexious Gaming has us covered with a guide to Mythic Archimonde:


Have you ever wanted to be in a rogue only guild? Well if you are on an EU server, Check out Vile Thorn; Arli has posted that they are recruiting:


Extra thanks this week to CoffinBurier and Noskill for sending in tips.

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