Fans of Knives: October 31, 2017

The astute among you will have noticed that there hasn’t been a great deal of rogue news to report lately. With luck, that will change this week as Blizzcon and all of the associated hype and announcements unfold. Ravenholdt rogues will be at the con so make sure to follow us @Ravenholdt on Twitter if you haven’t already.

In the meantime, Infexious has been spending time simulating for the next raid. Check out his findings:

Follow this week’s contributors on Twitter:

The internet is full of wonderful rogues doing wonderful things and producing interesting content that furthers the interests and community of our class. Fans of Knives is Ravenholdt’s weekly community news roundup that links to the contributions of these rogues for your viewing pleasure. If you have produced rogue related content, feel free to email us at and we will check it out. If you include “Fans” in the subject line we will be sure to see it.

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