Fans of Knives: November 7, 2017

This last week gave us Blizzcon 11 which announced a new expansion, Battle for Azeroth. While we didn’t get a great deal of information about individual classes, there was a playable demo which gave us a small amount of insight. Wowhead chacked out ability changes and already has a calculator showing off the new proposed talents. Obviously this is early days yet, and all is subject to change:

Class raid buffs will be returning. Wowhead checks them out too:

Another announcement that will have some impact on us is the revelation that there will be 6 new races available initially in Battle for Azeroth. You will need to complete a questline to access each, but the following will be able to be rogues: Void Elves and hopefully Dark Iron Dwarves for Alliance, and Nightbourne and hopefully Zandalari Trolls for Horde. Again, Wowhead has details; check out those armor sets as well:

Infexious was keeping a close eye on Blizzcon from his Virtual Ticket, and has a few new videos talking about what we learned including a few non-rogue specific items:

Back to the present and things we care about right now: the Ravenholdt Theorycrafting crew has started work on sims for Tier 21. You can check out their numbers for the upcoming raid, Antorus, the Burning Throne, on the Ravenholdt Theorycrafing site. Note, Antorus, the Burning Throne will be released on November 28th:

And Mystler has written up a nice blog on one of our tools, Combinator:


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The internet is full of wonderful rogues doing wonderful things and producing interesting content that furthers the interests and community of our class. Fans of Knives is Ravenholdt’s weekly community news roundup that links to the contributions of these rogues for your viewing pleasure. If you have produced rogue related content, feel free to email us at and we will check it out. If you include “Fans” in the subject line we will be sure to see it.

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