Fans of Knives: June 13, 2018

Y’know what? We had a giveaway. Entry involved clicking an emote AND posting a screenshot. Congratulations to the lucky winners! We’ll have a list of the winners along with a gallery of some of our favorite screen shots later in the week. Thanks to Stjern, Rare, and Rfeann for organizing the giveaway, and special thanks to Blizzard for the Battle for Azeroth Beta key prizes.

Y’know what else? We are doing another givaway. The prizes are the same: 15 Beta keys.  It will be posted in Ravenholdt Discord tonight around 8pm CDT. This time the rquirement will be to click on the emote AND post…well it’s not a screenshot this time. If you want to prepare, here is a HINT.

Blizzard has given us a total of 50 Beta keys to give out. Keep checking back. The giveaways will continue until all 50 keys find a home.


Meanwhile, back in Battle for Azeroth Beta, Infexious talks about a change that could affect our play: tank threat reduction. Besure to check out his channel for leveling videos and more.


This could be a SPOILER for some, but Perculia of Wowhead reflects on some of the changes that going to war will bring:


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