Fans of Knives: Special Warlords of Draenor Edition

Warlords of Draenor is upon us and Ravenholdt is here to serve all of your Rogue needs.

All of our spec guides have been updated for level 100:

Still have questions? Check out RogueChat’s FAQ:

Once you reach level 100 you may want to gear up for raiding or for killing world bosses or for killing things faster or for whatever strikes your fancy:

Sativ has a bunch of wonderful videos on his You Tube channel. While they are PvP oriented, some of these are also handy for PvE. Be sure to check them out:

Are you a new or casual or returning Rogue? Our very own Rfeann has updated the fantastic guide that he created for Wowhead. This is a beginner’s/casual’s guide to DPS at max level, so by intent it leaves out a lot of detail and nuance, and just focuses on what’s most important. It’s a must read for a good overview of how to Rogue in Draenor:

Still have questions, or just want to join in on the Rogue conversation? Check out ourĀ Forums and IRC for the latest in the Rogueverse.

Now get through that Dark Portal and we’ll sneak up on you in Draenor!