As Alpha testing moves along and Rogues are finally allowed in Torghast, there is a fair amount to talk about. But first, a few “retail” things.

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Remember that Bleed build we talked about last time? Well Infexious has tried it out to great effect. Check these out:

In case you missed it, Raz’s Bleed build:

And where Infexious went with it:

It’s always fantastic when we can bring you a little of what the Rogue Community is up to. This week we chatted to Dom Sacco, aka Phoenix Bloodheart, about the novel he’s written about his RP Outlaw Rogue. The novel, Turning Red, is available online for free! Check out our interview and download a bit of Rogue reading:

Now Alpha:

Infexious has been super busy testing every angle of it including Torghast, the endgame repeatable scenario. Check out our collection of his Alpha content or his YouTube channel for all of his findings.

YouTube Channel Ready Check Pull is also taking a look at each spec in Alpha. Check out their take on Outlaw and keep an eye out for Assassination and Subtlety Coming Soon:

If you are interested in the nitty gritty details of how rogues are developing on Alpha, Wowhead is hard at work datamining every build. Check out the rogue changes that they’ve found so far right here:


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