Blizzard have announced the schedule for the next step in the Wrath Classic PTR, with the raid, Isle of Conquest and the new Titan Rune Dungeons coming over the next few weeks.

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Very soon we will open up the Wrath Classic patch 3.4.2 PTR and we want to take a moment to lay out the testing schedule we have planned for the next few weeks.

Name of Test



3.4.2 PTR Goes Live

May 4th


Trial of the Crusader Raid (Round 1)

May 5th (11:00AM PDT)

May 8th (11:00AM PDT)

Isle of Conquest (Brawl with the Blues)

May 11th (2:00PM PDT)

May11th (4:00PM PDT)

Titan Rune Dungeons

May 12th


Trial of the Crusader Raid (Round 2)

May 19th (11:00AM PDT)

May 22nd (11:00AM PDT)

We hope to have the PTR up and playable sometime in the early afternoon tomorrow (May 4th), and we will post a full list of update notes with specific areas of focus for this week’s testing as soon as the PTR goes live. We plan to post weekly updates to these notes as more content comes online to test and the testing focus changes week-to-week.

Before we leave you, we want to acknowledge that in previous PTR releases we expressed that we had hoped to be able to publish testing schedules–particularly raid testing schedules–as far ahead of time as possible. Unfortunately we had to make a last minute change to the testing schedule for 3.4.2 that forced us to move the timeline for raid testing forward from a later date to this coming weekend. We will be having a second round of raid testing per the schedule above, so if you can’t make it this weekend you will have at least one other opportunity to hop in and test Trial of the Crusader. Apologies for any inconvenience this might cause.

Thanks to everyone for their understanding and patience as we are putting the finishing touches in place to get 3.4.2 up and testable.