It seems some server issues have returned as US players have been reporting renewed trouble with loading screens and world server down errors. EU maintenance is currently also in effect, but apparently US servers are also having issues.

We just wanted to point it out in case some players were worried that it was just them: if you’re playing on EU servers, maintenance started about 50 minutes ago at 3:00 AM CET and is scheduled to end at 4:00 AM, and if you’re playing on US servers, you’re not alone – many have reported problems in the past 30 minutes or so, after a pretty clean day of regular play.

stuck in loading screen, anyone else?

World server down AGAIN??

Area 52 is dead again

World Server is Down error

Load screen stops at fully loaded

Transfer aborted: instance not found loop

Connection Issue

World servers are going down everywhere, here comes blizzard with the “it’s the hackers fault”