This week’s world boss is Bazual who can be found in Azure Span and drops Item Level 395 loot!

The exact location’s depicted on the map below.

Bazual, The Dreaded Flame

Bazual’s special connection to the Plane of Fire allows him to directly siphon power from the Firelands. With the help of the Primalist forces, Bazual is expanding portals to the Firelands in the Azure Span.

Bazual Loot

The boss has a chance to drop the following Item Level 395 loot:

Magmagtic Vestments (Cloth Chest)

Mafic Shackles (Plate Wrist)

Cinderfang Wrap (Leather Waist)

Basalt Brood Stompers (Mail Feet)

Smoldering Sulfuron Signet (Ring)