It’s the penultimate week of the Season 3 Sepulcher and it’s been a very busy one, with a lot of movement and new faces, just behind the top 2 nerf duo and the future Warlock king. We have another Hunter spec near the top, Frost DK rampaging back up, an Arms race, a new color for Windwalkers and more.


95th Percentile

We now have the perfect setup for the Season 4 nerfs, as the two specs that are getting the bat are now 1st and 2nd, with Survival having pushed into 2nd – almost as if it knows its days are numbered. We don’t actually know what type of nerf Survival is getting, however, so the drop may not be as hard. The king-in-waiting, Demonology, sits firmly in 3rd, as the future members of the top 3 (barring any additional tuning) are Frost DK and Windwalker, with the DK spec leapfrogging the Monk. Also it seems Windwalkers got a brand new color in Warcraft Logs, which makes them stand out a whole lot more. We may need an eyestrain feature soon! Additionally, we see a new Hunter spec rise up this week, as Marksmanship pops up into 5th, a huge 4 spots ahead of its former placement. Arms is on the march as well, landing in 8th and rising 3 spots, as Elemental and Unholy drop down to make room. Fury, on the other hand, is going down, down, down as it joins Subtletly at the bottom, with Frost hovering there as well.

95th percentile Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.

All Percentiles

The nerf duo is on top here as well, with the Frost DK/Windwalker paradigm flipped to the Monk’s favor, as Elemental does the leaping in the generalist bracket, moving into 6th. Marksmanship only moves up 1 here, as Outlaw closes out the top 10, 2 lower than last week. The Mages are still very much a team down in the dumps as they cluster together, but no one can beat out Subtlety for the bottom of the barrel position.

All percentiles Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.


Arms is having a good week as it’s not only doing very well in Mythic, but also got its throne back in Heroic! Enhancement remains very popular and very effective in the lower difficulty, but does get beaten out by Outlaw this week. Survival fights its way towards the top, as Balance surges 3 spots and lands in 6th, with Havoc falling 2 out of its top 5 spot. Subtletly can rejoice, at least a little, as it has gotten a reprieve from the bottom slot in all 3 brackets, with Affliction’s return going very much unnoticed in Heroic, with the dead-last privilege returning to the Warlock spec here.

All percentiles Heroic data by Warcraft Logs.


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