In his latest video, Rextroy one-shots World Boss Strunraan within 10 seconds!

Using Unstable Storm Totems, Rextroy has one-shot Strunraan for more than 14 million damage. The buff doesn’t last through loading screens, so it cannot be used in dungeons or raids.


You might have run across the “Unstable Storm Totem” in Ohn’ahran Plains… it’s a neat item!

But did you know that the damage it does is % based? And funny enough the world boss is located within a short flight distance away!

The totem gives you a 30-second buff that makes you spawn thunder clouds, which each deals 15% of the target’s max HP, scaling with versa and crit.

This enabled me to do more than 14M for each cloud on the world boss, the distance between the totem and the boss almost makes me believe it’s intended to be used this way… almost

I tested if it works to keep the buff through loading screens, but sadly it won’t, so no one shots will work inside the raid itself! Sadly Still a fun trick you guys can use to make the world boss “a bit” faster.

You can watch the one-shot in the video linked below.