Even though Dracthyr Evokers start at Level 60, Blizzard added some new intro quests in Dalaran for players that decide to go back and do Legion content for some reason.

Dracthyr Evokers do not get an Artifact weapon or Class Order Hall.

When you decide to skip the Legion intro you will end up in Dalaran. A new quest will automatically pop up for Evokers called Aiding Khadgar. You are tasked to meet Khadgar within the Violet Citadel. Khadgar will have another new quest for you — An Adventurer’s Aid, where he points you to a new scouting map. The map lets you pick a Legion zone for questing.

Blizzard will most likely assign Evokers an existing DPS/Healer challenge. However, the Mage Tower appears to be disabled currently on the Beta.

MrGM explored Evokers in Legion content further in his latest video.