Dragonflight Beta Build 46091 came with some Windwalker and Mistweaver Monk changes that we cover in our latest post.



Storm, Earth, and Fire now has 2 charges by default (was 1).

Thunderfist – Strike of the Windlord grants you a stack of Thunderfist for each enemy struck. Thunderfist discharges upon melee strikes, dealing [ 380% 350% of Attack Power ] Nature damage.


Echoing Reverberation – Zen Pulse triggers a second time at 80% 70% effectiveness if cast on targets with both Renewing Mist and Enveloping Mist.

Zen Pulse – Trigger a Zen Pulse around an ally. Deals [ 78.75% 98.44% of Spell Power ] damage to all enemies within 8 yds of the target. The ally is healed for [ 115.5% of Spell Power ] per enemy damaged.

Accumulating Mist – Zen Pulse’s damage and healing is increased by 20% 25% each time Soothing Mist heals, up to 6 times. When your Soothing Mist channel ends, this effect is canceled.

Spinning Crane Kick  now deals 10% less damage.

Monk Tier Set Bonuses

Monk Mistweaver Class Set 2pc – Healing from your Enveloping Mist, Essence Font, and Vivify is increased by 15% 10% on targets with your Renewing Mist.